The Mineola Railers dance every Monday night, If we go dark it will be announced on the home page of the web site. Normally we do not go dark except for July 4th Monday.

The Mineola Railers are happy to announce that we have  recently installed a Williams sound system. For those that are not familar with the Williams system it allows you to enjoy the crystal clear sound of those calls & cues that you have been missing.  This is the standard system used by most callers & cuers for both square & round dancing.

What is the "Learn to Dance Program"?  The "Learn To Dance Program" is a time when we teach square dance lessons. If lessons are not actively going on it is a time for workshop and just honing your square dance skills.

Most dances are casual attire, but if you come in square dance attire don't be suprised if you are not alone.

We may have an ocasoinal dance where square dance attire is requested but if you show up dressed casual but if you show up casual never fear you want be the only one and you will be welcomed with open arms.  We are just always happy that you chose to come dance with us.



6:30PM - 9:30PM


2015 US HWY 80 EAST