The Mineola Railers Square Dance club would like to let every one of our dancers know what is happening and to try and keep everyone informed.
       A list of known cancelled or postponed dances:
East Texas SRDA Festival – Postponed
Alabama Jubilee – Postponed

TSFSRD final festival planning meeting postponed

Four States Squares - Cancelled April 4 DanceF

Rambling Roses - April 4 dance cancelled

Dynamite Squares – Cancelled through April

Mineola Railers – Cancelled March 30, reavaluating as the situation unfolds

Log Cabin Swingers - Jerry Story, Swing Into Spring Weekend, postponed until May 8 - 10, 2020
Barn Stompers – Cancelled March Dance

Dogwood Squares - Cancelled through March
Guys ‘N Dolls – Cancelled through March

Jacks 'N Jills - Cancelled March Dance
Pea Pickers & Single Peas – Cancelled until further notice

Pine Squares - Cancelled March Dance
Rambling Roses Tuesday Dances – Cancelled through March
Red’s Rompers – Cancelled until further notice
Single Hinge – Cancelled until further notice

Yam Jammers - Cancelled March Dance
3rd Friday Plus Dance – Cancelled March Dance
Log Cabin Swingers – Cancelled March 21 Dance
If you go dancing it might be advisable to call the club before you leave home.
I will update this list as information becomes available to me.

       With the Coronavirus there has come so much panic that it has reached a state of emergency within it’s self. If you have been to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, or one of the Dollar stores you know exactly what I am talking about.  Can you imagine the stores closing just to restock only to have the lines outside waiting for that door to open and within a few hours the shelves are empty again. We have daughters that live in the Dallas & Austin areas, and from what we are hearing from them we live in a sea of calm. One daughter told us that at one of the major grocery stores, opens at 6am, they were lining up at the door at 1am and the store was letting 10 people in the store at a time.
       We ask that everyone remain calm and try to understand a few things. No one that is in charge of any event is looking for any reason to cancel or postpone their event. This goes for the square dance community and for events outside of our activity also. The number one thing that people are concerned about is the health and safety of our dancers.  Those clubs that dance in community and/or privately owned buildings many times have no control over whether they are told or asked to not use the building. We also have to look at the actions of our government offices; the mandates and/or recommendations made by them, particularly at the onset, carry as much implied as stated warnings.  Nuf said.
       This being my personal opinion! When presented with the available data, it appears to me that the Novel Coronavirus is no more than what the SARS virus, the Mers virus, and the different flu viruses of every year are.  Now, that said understand that no one wants the coronavirus or the flu. If you have ever had a case of the flu you know what I am saying.  So please take every caution to protect yourself and your friends from both. Stay home if you are sick or even think you may be coming down with something. Remember it is better to err on the side of caution, you can dance next week. After all of this panic has blown over;  this is my sincere hope. First, that we will not be victims of this so called pandemic and secondly that this wolf cry will not bring about complacency with a future crisis.

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The Mineola Railings will be dark for two weeks. We Will be back dancing on March 30, 2020.  Hope you can join us!!

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