Learning to square dance is as easy as counting to four and walking in a square. The Mineola Railers will teach you to dance and have you out on the dance floor before you know it.

March 7, 2016, that's when  our "Learn To Dance" program began here in Mineola. We invite you to come out to the American Legion Hall on US HWY 80 East here in Mineola. Tim Tyl will have you on the dance floor before you leave.  We think this will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life that you will wish you had opened much earlier. Now that the "Learn to Dance" program is up and running check with us periodically for dates to jump on board with the program.

We will instruct you in the square dance calls and encourage you to move along at your own pace. You will be able to dance with us in a comfortable environment and progress at a pace you feel most comfortable, without a lot of pressure to move faster than you feel you can. Soon you will not only be dancing with us here in Mineola but if you like you will be "travel dancing" to other clubs in the area and taking square dance vacations that take you all over the country, on cruises, and overseas.  Square Dance is called in English all over the world, anywhere they are square dancing you will be able to dance, worldwide.

Cost?  Here at the Mineola Railers we request a $5.00/person donation to help us keep the doors open. You won't have to pay a large fee up front to tie yourself to something that you might not want to continue to do. We think that when you discover the fun and fellowship of square dancing you will want to continue to grow in this great activity. This will keep you coming on Monday nights and not wanting to miss a single week of dancing.

We have discovered an interesting phenomenal in new dancers.  It is usually the lady that drags the gentleman to the square dance  hall to learn to dance. After a couple of evenings of dancing it is the gentleman who is encouraging the lady to not miss a single dance night.  That said, we would like you to just come out and experience square dance.  We guarantee it is not what you did in grade school.

See you Monday night!!!


Monday nights 6:30pm - 8:30pm

American Legion Hall

2015 US HWY 80 East

Mineola, Texas 75773


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Round Dance Lessons

Ayres Pairs have ongoing round dance lessons.
Check their Website for more details and schedule.