Square dance video from Jan. 18, 2016. Tim workshoped Ping Pong Circulate.

GRAND SWING THRU - Starting formation - Tidal Wave, Ocean Wave of Six Dancers. TIMING - 6

Those who can turn by the right one-half (180°), then those who can turn by the left one-half (180°). If "right" is not specified preceding the command to Grand Swing Thru, it is understood to be a right-handed Grand Swing Thru. If Grand Left Swing Thru is required, it must be specifically directed - "Grand Left Swing Thru", in which case, those who can turn by the left one-half (180°), then those who can turn by the right one-half (180°).STYLING: Styling is specifically the same as described for the basic swing thru.

Grand Swing Thru

Square Dance videos from January 11, 2016,  Tim workshoped Track II  and Grand Square.

Ping Pong Circulate

TRACK II - Starting formation - Completed Double Pass Thru.                 TIMING - 8

The dancers work in "tandem", that is, the trailing dancers follow the lead dancers. Those in the right "track" move single file to the left, counterclockwise, staying to the inside of the dancers on the left "track", who move single file, clockwise, to the right on the outside. The movement continues as in a Double Pass Thru, until the dancers have reached parallel right-hand ocean waves.

STYLING: As dancers are moving simultaneously in opposing directions, it is important for them to provide moving room for one another. Those on the outside must avoid crowding those in the center. All dancers hold arms in natural dance position, blending into a hands up ocean wave formation at the conclusion of the call.

Track II