Hopefully you have decided that this Square Dancing stuff might be a good thing to do.

BUT!!!, yes there is always that three letter word of doubt. So let's take a look at all the reasons not to dance and I will try and give you a better reason to dance than your reason not to:

  • I have two left feet.
    • That one is really easy.  I went to the doctor the other day to have my annual physical and ask him about that.  Well it came from a highly ranked medical professional that in all his academic training and practical experience he never encountered that physical defect and if I could come up with a true example we could be rich men. I was photoshoping  a group picture not too long ago when one of our dancers didn't have on the coordinating shoes for the group.  Well I thought the best thing to do  was to just use my new editing tools and fix the issue instead of trying to get the group back together in the correct attire and re-shooting the picture. I was quite proud of myself until it was pointed out to me that one of the ladies in the picture had two left feet.  She is a pretty good square dancer even with those two left feet.
  • I square danced when I was in the third grade.
    • Not a lot I can say about that except, if I can remember back when I was in the third grade, all girls, except maybe my mom had cooties, now I didn't know exactly what a cootie was back then but my dad said I didn't want to catch them from anyone. Fortunately for my family I got over that. I didn't get any cooties from square dancing and touching those girls hands either.
  • I'm too old to do that sort of thing.
    • Several years ago I was involved in organizing a square dance birthday party. The gentleman was turning 100 years old. We had his favorite caller coming to town to call the dance for him as a tribute to his dedication and love of square dancing. He didn't dance every dance that evening, he wasn't the most agile, but he kept up with the other dancers in his square and had a great time.
  • I don't have the energy or the stamina to dance.
    • As we discussed in the reasons to square dance, square dance is a very good aerobic  form of exercise and you will need to just start out easy and build up to dancing 2-3 hour dance sessions. Not many of us could do that when we first started to dance.
  • I don't have a partner.
    • You can meet all kinds of people at square dancing. There are life long friendships made, people meet their life partner at square dance groups.  There are singles clubs, couple clubs, youth clubs, and most clubs are open to everyone that dances.
  • I don't want to wear those short skirts and fluffy petticoats.
    • Clubs today are accommodating to most all attire.  Most do require that a dancer be dressed in an appropriate manner for the time. It is prefered that men wear a long sleeve shirt and that we do remember that square dancing is considered a family activity so modest attire is prefered.  There are some more formal dances that are billed as proper square dance attire and that is usually defined as either the short dresses with petticoats or long praire type dresses for the ladies and a long sleeve shirt with long pants for the gentlemen.