Mineola Railers would like you join us on Monday March 9, 2020.

We will be hosting a benefit dance for the "Go Fund Me" account of 3 year old Linkin Waldon. Linkin is the Grandson of Philip & Tammy Duffee, members of the Single Hinge Square Dance club of East Texas. Linkin is a a "MIRACLE CHILD". Having survived drowning, being given up on by most of the medical community, BUT not by his LOVING FAMILY, a huge group of PRAYER WARRIORS, one GREAT HOSPITAL, and a WONDERFUL GOD OF GRACE.  Click Here for Linkin's StoryClick Here for Linkin's GoFundMe account,  & Click here for a flyer to the benefit dance.  Help us meet Linkin's modest but needed goal for his huge medical expences.

Live  Lively

Square  Dance